Wilderness Medicine

Wilderness Medicine Courses

Wilderness First Responder

This course is an 8-day condensed course teaching First Responder equivalent skills for responding to emergencies in the backcountry. Response, patient assessment, stabilization and evacuation present the core of this training. The curriculum is provided by SOLO wilderness medicine, and instruction is provided by Apex’s SOLO certified instructors.

Wilderness First Aid

Our Wilderness First Aid course acts as a base introduction to responding to, and treating, medical and environmental emergencies, as well as introducing preventative strategies. SOLO wilderness medicine provides the course curriculum and certification through Apex’s SOLO certified instructors.

WFR Recertification

This Wilderness First Responder recertification course re-certifies your WFR certification for 3 years and comes with a SOLO WFR card. Apex’s course curriculum and certification is provided by SOLO Wilderness Medicine, and is taught by our SOLO certified instructors.