Meet Our Guides


Scott Smith

Bruce Hodgkins

Erik Gomez

Jesse Ramos

Joseph Hobby

Stewart Birmingham

David Price

Toni Leskela

Elizabeth Schwab

Chris Berdoulay

Mike Wallace

Jill Yarger

Jesse Colangelo

Jack Guay

Doctor Turner Lisle

Andrew Keck

Ben Ammon

Kerry Hanes

Kevin Heinrich

Kyle Sobek

Daniel Birdwell

Kylee Smith

Our guides are dedicated to giving the safest, most fulfilling experience to our clients. With the most AMGA certifications we have the most qualified guides in the area.

Safety should be the first concern of any guiding company. After safety, what sets Apex apart is our drive to install comfort and trust in clients with our tight knit team built from our family owned business. We strive to provide unparalleled adventures and skills training to clients of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. A keen sense of client care and risk management, as well as our impeccable safety record, inspires the confidence our clients look for in a professional mountain guide. It is a trademark upon which our reputation is built.