Mount Elbert Summit Hike

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Mount Elbert Summit Hikes

Hike Mount ElbertColorado’s highest peak (14,440ft)with Apex Mountain School and see the real beauty of Colorado! With three trails to choose from, Mount Elbert summit hikes are manageable for most newcomers and experienced hikers alike.  Whether it is a moderate or more challenging ascent, Apex guides will deliver the ultimate Mount Elbert experience.  Hike to the highest point in the Rockies with a private group or join an open enrollment hike! Open enrollment hikes are on Mondays throughout the season and are a great way to meet fellow outdoor adventurers.  Or for a more personalized experience, book a private summit outingDo your part to lessen human impact on local ecosystems—hike with a guide and know you are choosing to help sustain alpine habitats. Explore the wonder of the Sawatch Range in the Rocky Mountains and summit Mount Elbert, the highest 14er in Colorado!  Apex Mountain School is looking forward to summiting with you soon – reserve your spot today to stand on the highest point in Colorado – the summit of Mount Elbert! 

Mount Elbert Summer Hikes – Quick Info

Summit Colorado’s highest peak, Mount Elbert (14,440ft), in a single day! Apex Mountain School is guiding summit hikes weekdays, Monday- Thursday. Go with a guide and know you are making the sustainable choice in support of local ecosystems! Open enrollment and private hikes available. 


6 – 12 Hours


Private Trips

$185 – 5+ people 

$200 – 4 people 

$235 – 3 people 

$275 – 2 people 

$550 – 1 person 


Mount Elbert trailhead location determined by guide


Moderate to Difficult

What To Bring

  • Rain Jacket or Hardshell 
  • 64 oz of water per person 
  • Small day backpack (we have bags available upon request) 
  • Snacks 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Lip balm (optional)  
  • Hiking boots/Shoes
  • layering appropriate for weather conditions (synthetic recommended)

During times of Covid-19 concern please bring:  Face mask, Hand Sanitizer, and Rubber Gloves (if desired) 

Private Trips