Rock Climbing Colorado

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Beaver Creek




Eldorado Canyon

Cathedral Spires

Colorado National Monument


Colorado Rock Climbing is world renowned. The majority of our trips take place surrounding Vail, Colorado where we find granite in the forests behind the quaint town of Minturn. At times when it rains in Minturn we head towards the desert sandstone in Wolcott. If you are not located in Vail we also take trips to the countless multi-pitch routes in Eldorado Canyon, Cathedral Spires and Colorado National Monument.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced our guides will take you to the best location that fits your needs. Colorado Rock climbing is very popular and can result in crowds in climbing areas. Living here and working on the rock wall every day we have the honor of taking you to some of our favorite exclusive climbing areas. So join us today for an unforgettable Colorado Rock Climbing trip!