Be prepared for the unexpected when traveling in the backcountry with an AIARE Level 1 Backcountry course. At Apex we believe the best preparation is education. Learn how to make informed decisions in order to mitigate risk in adverse conditions.

Level 1 Zoom

If you have put off taking your Apex AIARE Level 1 course because you couldn’t or don’t want to take a Friday off from work, we have the solution. This Zoom course offers an alternative!

Avalanche Rescue

Learn and practice the skills needed to respond to an avalanche accident. In case of an avalanche, an efficient and developed response is extremely important. This is a 100% field course so the entire course will take place outdoors, in the field. 

Avalanche Prep Trip

Make sure you are ready for an AIARE avalanche education course with an Avalanche Prep Trip. During an AIARE course there is a great deal of information presented. If you do not have some kind of experience in the backcountry it can be hard to concentrate on the class. Apex’s Avalanche Prep Trips offer a stress free day where you can adventure into the backcountry with one of our guides. 

Level 2

Take your backcountry skiing to the next level this winter with an AIARE Level 2 course. Start by brushing the dust off of the skills you learned in your AIARE Level 1 course then continue to new concepts and skills. This new knowledge will prepare you to possibly explore steeper terrain in new locations. It is also a great way to install confidence the terrain that you’ve already explored.

Level 1 Hut Trips

Learn avalanche safety and complete your AIARE Level 1 training from the comfort of our backcountry huts. These hut trips combine warm and comfortable backcountry huts and access to exceptional backcountry skiing and snowboarding. Expand your knowledge through formal avalanche education. The American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) offers the only internationally recognized curriculum in the US.

AIARE Private Courses

Enjoy a more personalized avalanche education experience with our AIARE Private Courses. One on one attention is a surefire way to feel comfortable and confident skiing in backcountry terrain. The American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) provides world-class education through the only internationally recognized curriculum offered in the U.S.

Avalanche Refresher

During an AIARE course there is a great deal of information presented. Often when we return to the backcountry it is difficult to remember everything we have learned and practiced in the last course. This can be dangerous. What can be even more dangerous is not being aware of all that we have forgotten, leaving us naive and vulnerable to hazards.

Avy Ed Private

The Avalanche Education Private is the perfect course for someone wanting to get an introduction into managing the avalanche problem in a Beginner Backcountry Skiing setting. It is also great for someone wanting to brush up on their skills or knowledge. Or who is preparing for an upcoming AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Education course.

Avalanche Education in Colorado is the best way to safely maneuver in the backcountry. In our three day AIARE Level 1 course you will spend the first day in a classroom. There you will discover characteristics of avalanches. The following two days will be spent skiing in the backcountry exploring what you have learned firsthand. Our three day AIARE Level 2 course builds on the basic concepts covered in the AIARE Level 1 course. One day AIARE Avalanche Rescue courses include plans of action in the case of an emergency in the backcountry.