Snow Saw Kit

A Snow Saw Kit includes essential tools to cut a snow pit and test the integrity of the snowpack. We dig snow pits to understand the condition of the snow under the level we have at eye level. To use this Snow Saw Kit and learn more about avalanche safety join us for an AIARE Level 1 course. AIARE is the most trusted organization for avalanche education curriculum.


This kit includes:

  • BCA 35cm Snow Saw
    • The Backcountry Access 35 cm saw can cut through snow, ice and wood. It’s length is perfect for isolating columns for stability tests.
    • The blade has markings every 5 cm to ensure a precise cut.
    • The Saw comes with a sheath to protect your backpack and the rest of your gear from ripping.
  • BCA Clinometer
    • This multi-use tool includes a compass and an inclinometer.
    • This pocket friendly, easy to carry tool is ideal for measuring slope angle and aspect.
    • Measure from 0 to 60 degrees to see if a slope is too steep and prone to avalanche.
  • BCA Crystal Card
    • Surface ideal to analyze and classify snow flakes.
    • The polycarbonate card does not absorb as much radiation as aluminum cards, making it ideal for sunnier conditions.
  • BCA Snow Loupe
    • This Loupe allows you to see snow grains 15x larger than they really are.
    • Includes a folding metal base, scratch resistant lens and closed sides for wind protection.
Snow Saw Kit