Bob Pettit

Apex Adventure Climbing Guide

Where are you from originally?

Phoenix, Arizona. 

What is your favorite thing to do outside?

Long multi-pitch climbs. I’ve been having fun clipping bolts but if it’s for myself I’d rather do long adventure climbs. My last trip was to Red Rocks, outside of Las Vegas. I also love Monitor Rock, the Nose is a fun place to take clients. 

How long have you been climbing?

I’ve been climbing for 16 years.  It was a big switch from what I was doing before which was off-roading and building race cars. Climbing was much more chill and I’ve been actively climbing ever since. I love it. 

Early on I started canyoneering as well. Arizona and Utah have awesome canyons. I’ve been a bit of a mountain biker and I do some backpacking.  More recently I’ve gotten into white water rafting. I’ve even done some rappelling with the pack raft.  

What is your favorite place to climb?

Eldorado State Park or Lover’s Leap Sierras, Lake Tahoe. 

What is your favorite route?

I can’t pick one! I’d have to give you a top 10. 

Do you have any goals for the summer?

Work as much as I can so that in the fall I can get out to Monitor Rock quite a bit in the shoulder season. 

Marvel or Star Wars?

Marvel! When I was younger it would have been a toss up but Marvel these days.