Ice Climbing Day Trips

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Vail Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing Day Trips in Vail offer some of the best ice climbing in Colorado. These climbs range in height between 30 to 100+ feet. Given the nature of the ice, each climb forms slightly differently each year and is subject to change throughout the season which as a result offers climbers a new experience every climb.

Family Ice Climbing

Ice climbing as a family is a unforgettable trip for you to share with your family and is a great way to experience the Vail valley in a unique and exciting way. From the stunning frozen waterfalls of East Vail to the remote wilderness of Chalk Creek in Leadville, Vail family ice climb is an amazing experience in a beautiful mountain setting.

Breckenridge Ice Climbing

In winter, cascading waterfalls and trickling alpine flows freeze and form fantastically beautiful and surreal ice climbs. With expansive views of Colorado’s Rockies and a chance to challenge yourself in a winter wonderland, ice climbing is a great way to spend the day in the mountains.

Beginner Ice Climbing

These beginner ice climbing day trips are a great introduction to the basics of ice climbing. After an orientation, we’ll warm up with some easier climbing on low-angle ice, developing fundamental skills before moving up to steeper ice, and even intermediate ice climbing if it suits your group.


Group Ice Climbing

Group ice climbing in Vail, Colorado is a popular choice for large groups, families, and corperate events. Stepping outside of your group’s circle of comfort and challenging each other climbing on the frozen ice falls of Vail, Colorado strengthens ties, increases trust in one another and creates amazing memories of the Colorado Rockies.
Mixed Climbing