Mackenzie McGrath

Mackenzie McGrath believes in the power of the indomitable spirit. She pursues adventure – wherever it may take her. Mackenzie traveled, explored, and lived on every continent except Antarctica. She pours herself into her passions through meditation courses in the Himalaya, engaging in peace work in Israel, or working as a diplomat in Central Asia.

Mackenzie is approachable, friendly, and quick to crack a genuine smile. “My stepfather was a climber and first introduced me to climbing when I was 11 years old on a family trip to Montana but I didn’t really pick up climbing as a full blown passion though until many years later in New Zealand in 2007.” She’s worked in a climbing gym in New Zealand and scaled limestone walls while doing peace work in Israel. As one of the youngest US diplomats in Central Asia she climbed first routes in Kyrgyztan. Mackenzie is a lover of trail running and her mom’s cooking. She loves using the outdoors to bring out leaders and passion in others.