That’s right, we’re getting our first snow storm. Currently, it’s 30 degrees out with 2 inches of accumulated snow on the ground, and it’s still coming down!

Many of our resorts are blowing snow and it seems we’re off to a great start for the snow base, both at the resorts and in the backcountry.

The forecast is calling for more snow over the next 3 days, followed by a few days of Colorado sunshine and continued cold nights. You may know what that means – warming by day and freezing by night means rapid formation of ice in the high country. Do your ice and snow dance; this may shape up to be a trophy year for backcountry skiing and Vail ice climbing.

We are currently offering rock climbing in the front range, as well as in the desert, and will offer ice climbing and backcountry skiing as soon as conditions permit. If you want to learn more, select an itinerary from the navigation above, contact us, or call (888)686-7685.

We hope to get out into the Colorado backcountry with you soon!