Steep Skiing Clinic

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Steep Skiing Clinic

Take your skiing to to the next level and get the most out of your powder day with a Steep Skiing Clinic. Powder can be fun anywhere but we can cruise and really start to make magical turns in steeper terrain. Also, we run the risk of getting stuck in powder through flatter terrain. 

It is important to be comfortable in steeper terrain. If we are exposed to terrain that is far above our ability level we run the risk of getting injured or just over whelmed to the point where we restrict learning and stop having fun. Apex’s guides will show you the appropriate terrain for your skill level. 

All ages 12 and up

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Ready to sign up? We look forward guiding you on a Steep Skiing Clinic. Register with the accompanying calendar, call (970) 949-9111 or use our contact page to request more info.

Steep Skiing Clinic


Enjoy the spring skiing conditions with a Spring Steeps Avalanche Outing.

All ages 12 and up


Available daily


6-7 hours



Vail, CO (Meadow Mountain, Spraddle Creek)
Leadville, CO (Fremont Pass)


Easy – Difficult


Each person in your party will need:

  • An All terrain (AT), Telemark, or Splitboard touring package.
  • Beacon/Probe/Shovel (rental available) No Plastic Shovels Please
  • 1-2 water bottles or thermos
  • Lunch, and high energy snacks such as nut bars, cookies, chocolate
  • Headwear – Visor or Cap, Hat or Helmet, Googles, Sunglasses
  • Balaclava or neck gaiter
  • One pair of gloves, one pair of mittens for cold days
  • Synthetic or wool base layer
  • Mid Weight base layer fleece or sweater
  • Puffy Jacket
  • Shell Jacket
  • Synthetic or wool long johns
  • Ski pants with zippered vents OR mid weight fleece layer and shell pants
  • Synthetic or wool socks optimum weight for your boot fit
  • Sunscreen
  • Pack (26-30 Liters) that can accommodate, shovel, probe, skins, 1-2 water bottles or thermos, lunch, snacks, extra clothing when climbing, goggles…


  • Hand warmers
  • Hot liquid
  • Gaiters
  • Liner socks
  • Adjustable Poles
  • Small day pack
  • Extra gloves
  • Lip balm
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle insulator
  • Camera

During times of Covid-19 concern please bring:
Face mask, Hand Sanitizer, Rubber Gloves (if desired)



Alpine Touring Skis allow backcountry skiers to ascend uphill with heels free, in walking mode with skins, and shorter boots make for ease of backcountry travel. Transitioning into downhill mode is as simple as removing your ascension skins and locking your heels down. The downhill ski technique is very similar to traditional downhill skiing at a ski area. This set-up, known commonly as AT skiing, offers an excellent opportunity for resort skiers to experience the backcountry.


Telemark Skis operate with a “free heel” system (no heel attachments exist for uphill or downhill travel) that allows you to ascend in walking mode with skins, as well as to descend in telemark mode, with the uphill knee bent slightly during turns. This option is available to skiers with telemark experience, and to skiers that wish to transition into telemarking. Flexible plastic boots and a fixed toe binding make walking more natural than AT skis.


Splitboards are snowboards that are halved down the middle. They can be used as ascension skis during uphill travel, accompanied by skins, and rejoined as a single unit for descent. Splitboards offer the resort rider an efficient transition to backcountry riding.

My partner and I had a great day in the backcountry with Apex (her on AT skis, me on a splitboard, first time for both of us). Justin was our guide and did a great job explaining all of the techniques we needed to have a safe trip and also enjoy the powder!

David K