Climbing Etiquette

Some days you just want to climb at a local crag that’s close and convenient. While this is usually the easiest and most accessible option, these spots can become overcrowded and tense. With long lines for moderate routes and confusion over who’s climbing where, a good day can quickly turn unpleasant. To ease the tension, […]

The ice is in!

As the Vail Valley ski areas await more snow, ice climbers are enjoying unseasonably thick ice falls right here in East Vail! Ice climbing is a great way to get out and enjoy the spectacular mountains of Colorado on ice formations ranging from low angle beginner to steeper advanced routes. If it’s mixed climbing that […]

Apex is having a sticker contest!

That’s right… Apex is ready for a new sticker, and we want your input! Rules? None! Any shape or size is welcome. You can use our logo or not…just ask and we’ll send you a high resolution graphic by email – send a quick request through our contact us page. The deadline to submit a […]

Wilderness First Responder Colorado

You and your climbing partner “Randy” are having an excellent day of climbing near Moab Utah. After five hours of climbing Randy is preparing to lead his first 5.11 crack climb. Confident after climbing so well earlier in the day, Randy chooses not to place gear for the first relatively easy 25 feet. While placing […]

Replacing Cam Slings

Climbing gear holds the most important thing in the world, your life! With so much riding on the protection of your gear, it’s essential to know the weak links in your system and to reduce the possibility of a failure. Climbing gear that is made of cloth-like material such as ropes and slings are much […]

Winter 2011 Courses

Colorado is having a record year for snowfall – Vail’s snowpack is 137% above the yearly average. With plenty of snow to feed the icefalls, the ice is in equally impressive condition. In such a banner year we hope you join us to hit the Colorado backcountry slopes on skis, snowboard and snowshoes, or to […]

Avalanche Course Update

AIARE: Level 1 Avalanche Course As you know from our last blog, Apex Mountain School will be offering AIARE level 1 Avalanche Education Courses in Colorado’s Vail Valley. Apex has teamed up with AIARE (the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education) to provide two, three day, level 1 avalanche education courses in the 2011 […]

AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Courses

If you love to backcountry ski, snowboard, and snowmobile, it’s likely you love to play in the deep, untracked, powder snow.   There is nothing better than the feeling of floating through the snow as you cut that perfect line.  Or maybe you ice climb in exposed avalanche terrain. If you’re looking for amazing lines in […]

It’s snowing in Vail !

That’s right, we’re getting our first snow storm. Currently, it’s 30 degrees out with 2 inches of accumulated snow on the ground, and it’s still coming down! Many of our resorts are blowing snow and it seems we’re off to a great start for the snow base, both at the resorts and in the backcountry. […]

Wilderness First Responder and WFR Recertification, Fall 2010:

From families enjoying day activities to weekend warriors to the seasoned backcountry enthusiast, most of us in the mountains explore the wilderness at some point. However infrequently it may be, accidents do happen. Being prepared to respond is a great way to increase your personal safety and the safety of those around you. Having a […]