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AIARE Program Lead – Winter ’17 season

Internship – Accepting Applications for all seasons

Summer ’17: Guide try-out date: May 19 (invite only)
Winter ’17-’18: Guide try-out date: December 1 (invite only)
Summer ’18: Guide try-outs: May 18 (invite only)
*Check out our Introduction to Guiding course if you are interested in pursuing guiding, but want to gain some skills and experience first.

WFR Course Instructor – Apex Mountain School, in Vail, Colorado, is seeking a qualified Wilderness First Responder instructor. The School offers WFR courses annually (2-5 full courses for 8 consecutive days each and 4-6 recert courses for 2 days each). Pay is competitive. We are seeking candidates with professional credentials, including medical experience (must have successfully completed an Emergency Medical Technician -EMT course, or a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician -WEMT course), and candidates should have experience in the field; preferably in outdoor rescue scenarios. Candidates will need to either have their WFR Instructor Course credentials or be able to attend a WFR Instructor Course, which runs August 21-25, 2017. The candidates we are seeking should exhibit high standards of professionalism, be devoted team players, and have excellent communication skills. Minimum 2 year commitment. Please call 970-949-9111 to inquire regarding the process for applications.


Please note that all qualified applicants will have consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disabling condition.