Mount Elbert Nature Hikes

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Colorado Nature Hikes

Learn about the complex ecosystems of Colorado’s highest peak on an inspirational Mount Elbert nature hikeOnce above treeline, discover a world of flora and fauna found only at alpine elevationsNature tours focus on exploring the unique environmental features found in the upper montane forests, sub alpine, and alpine ecosystems.  Though summiting may not be the goal of nature hikes, these outings do take place at altitude Listen to calling bird song or view small mammals up close through your binoculars as you are guided along vibrant mountain trails.  Book your tour today and realize the beauty of the alpine! 

More interested in summitingJoin Apex Mountain School for a Mount Elbert Summit Hike or backpacking adventure! 

Colorado Nature Hikes

Book a Nature Tour up Mount Elbert, the highest peak in the Rockies, with Apex Mountain School as your guide. Discover the vibrance of high mountain trails as your guide points out the resilient plants and hardy wildlife of the alpine. Though summiting may not be the goal of a nature hike, these outings do take place at altitude. Book your tour today and realize the beauty of the alpine! 


Daily Outings, Monday-Thursday 


5 hours 


  • $115 – 5+ people 
  • $140 – 4 people 
  • $170 – 3 people 
  • $200 – 2 people 
  • $400 – 1 person 


Meet your guide at Twin Lakes Campgrounds 


Easy to Difficult  

Possible Topics

  • Common flora and fauna
  • Wildlife ID tips 
  • Basic weather patterns and their effects 
  • Basic geology of the Rockies 
  • Minimal Impact Practices 

What To Bring

  • Rain Jacket or Hardshell 
  • 64 oz of water per person 
  • Small day backpack (we have bags available upon request) 
  • Snacks
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Lip balm (optional)  
  • Hiking boots/appropriate footwear
  • Layering appropriate for weather conditions (synthetic recommended)